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  • node ^8.0.0
  • yarn ^1.0.0 or npm ^5.0.0


yarn add web3-cmt  # or npm install web3-cmt

Package linking (for development only)

# get latest version of web3-cmt.js
git clone https://github.com/CyberMiles/web3-cmt.js /path_to/web3-cmt.js
cd /path_to/web3-cmt.js
git checkout master
yarn install    # (or `npm install`)

# prepare for web3-cmt package linking
yarn link       # (or `npm link`)

# goes to directory of your project
cd /path_to/your_project

# link to local version of web3-cmt package
yarn link "web3-cmt"  # (or `npm link "web3-cmt"`)